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Impact investing goes to the Oscars

ImpactAlpha, Mar. 29 – Forget yachts. Climate funds are the new Hollywood status symbols. King Richard, the biopic that won Will Smith his first

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God save the King – and planet

In 1952, the 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth of York stepped down from her treetop camp in Kenya’s Aberdare National Park and became Queen Elizabeth II. On

Retool finance to rebuild soil health

Regenerative agriculture may be in vogue, but in many ways, it’s as old as agriculture itself, as practiced by our ancestors and to


Deal spotlight: Climate SPAC déjà vu

ImpactAlpha, January 13 – Spanish green hydrogen developer H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies this week announced plans to go public via acquisition. The news follows

Goldman Sachs climate fund hits $1.6 billion

ImpactAlpha, January 12 – Goldman Sachs Asset Management has raised $1.6 billion for its climate-focused Horizon fund. Horizon makes growth-stage investments of up to


Which financial innovations will grow from billions to trillions? By finding inventive ways to make social inclusion and environmental regeneration pay, innovative financing models are “internalizing positive externalities.” Too wonky? Just

Why is Cleantech Still a Dirty Word for Investors?

Climate Finance Now the 2016 numbers are in, thanks to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. And the worldwide totals are (drumroll) a drop