Which financial innovations will grow from billions to trillions?

https://medium.com/media/82d73555419e0a8a96448332079b505c/href By finding inventive ways to make social inclusion and environmental regeneration pay, innovative financing models are “internalizing positive externalities.” Too wonky? Just

Why is Cleantech Still a Dirty Word for Investors?

Climate Finance https://medium.com/media/ecd55fa1f9cd2c83d228972a14902dad/href Now the 2016 numbers are in, thanks to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. And the worldwide totals are (drumroll) a drop


Water deals flow amid droughts and storms

ImpactAlpha, Aug. 26 – Wildfires across California and twin storms headed for the Gulf Coast provide a harrowing backdrop for this year’s World

Mariamu Mfuse is a 33 year old woman and a smallholder farmer from Mlevela village in Njombe. She is a mother of four children and depends on farming for her income. In the past Mariamu was planting both hybrid seed and local seed by mixing. But in 2016 she bought 10 kilograms of seed from One Acre Fund and planted on a one acre of land. In the past Mariamu harvested maize that could be enough for food but she never sold maize. She used to harvest 6 to 8 bags in her one acre. But now she can harvest up to 12 bags in the same field.

One Acre Fund secures $20 million to catalyze institutional capital for African farmers

ImpactAlpha, Aug. 20 – Conventional investors see uncompensated risk. Investors of ‘catalytic capital’ see an opportunity for outsized impact. One Acre Fund has

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The case for a ‘Volcker Shock’ for climate

Contemporary efforts to grapple with the climate crisis almost all come with mid-twentieth century branding: a ‘Green New Deal,’ a ‘climate moonshot,’ a

Retool finance to rebuild soil health

Regenerative agriculture may be in vogue, but in many ways, it’s as old as agriculture itself, as practiced by our ancestors and to