Looking Ahead to 2024 | December 29, 2023

Holiday List No. 3: Eight ImpactAlpha podcasts to ring in 2024

Isaac Silk
ImpactAlpha Editor

Isaac Silk

ImpactAlpha, Dec. 29 – “Net zero is not going to get us anywhere,” Ariane Mahler of Veridien Global Investors told David Bank of ImpactAlpha on one of our Impact Briefing podcasts earlier this year. “You need negative emissions, not just net zero.”  

With hot takes on climate strategy, actionable insights for investing in racial justice and smart analysis across the board, ImpactAlpha covered the landscape and introduced the players in 50 podcasts this year. 

Here are eight of our favorite conversations:

Project Equity’ Alison Lingane… on turning employees into owners in order to make the generational shift known as the ‘silver tsunami’ an opportunity for broad wealth-creation.

Known Holding’s Valerie Red-Horse Mohl… on moving capital at scale to elevate communities of color. 

Veridien Global Investors’ Ariane Mahler… on going beyond ‘net-zero’ in the public markets.

ImpactAlpha columnists Robert Brown and Imogen Rose-Smith… on the effect on impact investing of bank failures and interest rate hikes.

Former mayor and Rep. Ben McAdams… on helping cities tap their underutilized public real estate in partnerships with private investors. 

Intentional Endowments Network’s Paris Prince… on responding to the legal attacks on affirmative action and racial wealth-building strategies.

2x Global’s Sana Kapadia… on the alpha opportunity for investors to deploy a gender lens. 

And Living Cities’ Demetric Duckett… on making sure decision makers reflect the racial makeup of the new majority.