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ImpactAlpha Open: Impact investors… in real life

Greetings, Agents of Impact!  Welcome to this week’s ImpactAlpha Open.  ImpactAlpha’s David Bank, Zuleyma Bebell and I fanned out at last week’s SOCAP conference in San Francisco to make connections

ImpactAlpha Open: “Climate never felt this dope.”

Hi there, Agents of Impact!  Welcome to this week’s ImpactAlpha Open. ImpactAlpha’s David Bank, Zuleyma Bebell and I are at SOCAP this week in San Francisco. Say hi! And find Amy Cortese and Jessica Pothering at the

ImpactAlpha Open: Patagonia exits to stakeholders + more

TGIT, Agents of Impact – this is Dennis Price, ImpactAlpha’s chief impact officer, with this week’s ImpactAlpha Open. The ImpactAlpha team huddled in New York this past weekend. Top of our conversation: How

ImpactAlpha Open: 💥Catalytic climate investors

Happy Tuesday, Agents of Impact – welcome to this week’s edition of ImpactAlpha Open.  First up: Meet catalytic climate investors in two (virtual) conversations this week: 🗺️ Mapping

ImpactAlpha Open: The ESG counter-counterattack

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ImpactAlpha Open No. 5: Climate and crypto

Happy Tuesday, Agents of Impact! 🗣️ It’s been a month since we launched ImpactAlpha Open, our free weekly newsletter of careers, connections and capital for Agents

ImpactAlpha Open: VC’s diversity dividend

Greetings, Agents of Impact! 🗣️ Happy Tuesday. Welcome to the hundreds of you who have signed up for ImpactAlpha Open. 🤝 Let’s connect! The ImpactAlpha team will be back at in-person events

ImpactAlpha Open No. 3: Time to build

TGIT, Agents of Impact! 🗣️ Agents of Impact weren’t waiting for U.S. policy to get around to climate solutions. But they’ll take it. “Now, you