Podcasts | January 11, 2024

Impact(ed): Harnessing the potential of VC for good (podcast)

Eric Horvath and Lucas Turner-Owens

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Guest Author

Eric Horvath

Guest Author

Lucas Turner-Owens

Venture capital invested nearly $500 billion in 2022. By investing into startups seeking transformational scale, successful venture-backed companies have the potential to change how we work, communicate and live. Given this potential, understanding who plays what role in venture and how they approach the process of investing is critical to harnessing its potential to do good.

On the latest episode of Impact(ed), guests KJ Sidberry (Google Ventures) and Evelysse Vargas (Zeal Capital Partners) join us to share their unique paths into venture, the importance of understanding the human condition when it comes to investing, and how emotional intelligence is a cornerstone of their field.

Sidberry talks about how one of the best parts of his job is how “inherently anthropological” it is, requiring him to identify human need states and use technology and innovative business approaches to solve problems. Later in the episode, Vargas emphasizes the importance of “curiosity and generosity” to those starting off in venture, as well as broadening your perspective early on and cultivating your emotional intelligence.

Impact(ed) is a new podcast by Eric Horvath and Lucas Turner-Owens that features interviews with BIPOC practitioners working across the capital spectrum to unlock the power of investing for good. ImpactAlpha has partnered with Impact(ed) to bring the podcast to our audience. ImpactAlpha has partnered with Impact(ed) to bring the podcast to our audience

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