Climate Finance | March 6, 2024

Carbon Equity raises €100 million for a climate tech fund of funds

Roodgally Senatus
ImpactAlpha Editor

Roodgally Senatus

ImpactAlpha, March 6 — Amsterdam-based Carbon Equity launched in 2021 to provide access to venture capital and private equity impact investment funds for mass affluent investors. Women-led Carbon Equity’s first Climate Tech Portfolio Fund in 2022 pooled €42 million from more than 200 individual investors, who invested as low as €100,000.

“Climate change is not only the most urgent problem facing humanity but solving it is also the most attractive investment opportunity for our generation,” said Carbon Equity’s Jacqueline van den Ende.

The second climate tech fund will invest in seven to 10 funds backing solutions such as green hydrogen and zero-carbon cement production, heat pumps and energy efficiency, bioplastics and sustainable fisheries.

Democratizing access

Carbon Equity’s first two funds have allocated capital to 15 climate funds managed by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Ara Partners, Lightrock, Astanor Ventures, Energy Impact Partners and other fund managers. The company has already launched a campaign for its third Climate Tech Portfolio Fund, which is targeting €125 million.

Carbon Equity is planning to launch a fund with minimums of €25,000. “Our goal is that ultimately anyone with a good salary, a pension, a children’s saving plan or an inheritance can help build a net zero future with their capital,” said van den Ende.