The Climate Finance Tracker

Introducing an interactive, visual database that is tracking more than $200 billion in capital to more than 6,000 companies and organizations creating climate solutions.

  • Get the big picture. Spot hot areas for climate investments – and emerging opportunities.
  • Stock your pipeline. Visualize the ecosystems of climate-related organizations and ventures and the strategies investors are betting on.
  • Build your network. Identify leading founders, funders and partners who can help multiply your climate impact.
  • Bridge the gaps. Map the white spaces where your capital can make the biggest difference.
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All Hands on Deck

Enterprises from small to large, and investors from philanthropic to commercial, are stepping up to meet the climate emergency.

Some strategies, like electric vehicles and utility-scale solar and wind, can tap well-established capital flows. Venture capital is embracing climate innovation.

But solutions for low-income communities and frontier markets remain capital-short. Climate adaptation and resilience – which most directly affect lives and communities – get short shrift.

Climate change is disrupting public health, food and agriculture, water and sanitation, urban infrastructure and energy access, education and livelihoods, migration and social cohesion. All investors are climate investors now.

Catalytic investors are making emerging solutions investable. Institutional financing is starting to take them to scale.

Follow ImpactAlpha’s coverage for breakthrough business models, innovative financing mechanisms and high-impact dealmaking. And please use the Climate Finance Tracker to map your own climate impact.

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Watch the video above for an overview of the Climate Finance Tracker from Eric Berlow, ecologist, network scientist, and founder of Vibrant Data Labs. Learn more on our FAQ page. Explore the CFT.

Learn how to use basic features of the CFT in the video above. For more information, visit our FAQ page

After reviewing findings from the CFT that demonstrated the gap in equitable climate solutions, the founder of Vibrant Data Labs, Eric Berlow, challenged artist Benjamin Von Wong to create an art piece that explains Climate Equity. Learn more here.

Climate Finance News

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The Climate Finance Tracker was built by Vibrant Data Labs in partnership with Candid, The Cisco Foundation, Crunchbase, Hopper-Dean Foundation, ImpactAlpha, One Earth,, and Sideporch with all data coming from Crunchbase, Candid, and LinkedIn.


Candid connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to do it.

The Cisco Foundation

The Cisco Foundation supports solutions to power our regenerative and inclusive future.


Crunchbase is the leading platform for professionals to discover innovative companies, connect with the people behind them, and pursue new opportunities.


ImpactAlpha is a media and information-services platform purpose-built to serve the investors and entrepreneurs, intermediaries and practitioners, activists and influencers who are optimizing business and finance for positive social and environmental impact.

One Earth

One Earth accelerates collective action to solve the climate crisis.

Primer delivers mission-ready AI to those who protect our security and democracy.


An advisory firm helping good people do hard things that make a difference.

Vibrant Data Labs

Combining data science and network theory into visual interfaces to power change for complex social challenges.


Convergence is the global network for blended finance. We generate blended finance data, intelligence, and deal flow to increase private sector investment in developing countries.


RTI International is a global research institute and leading international development organization that co-creates smart, shared solutions for a more prosperous, equitable, and resilient world.


The Global Private Capital Association is a non-profit, independent membership organization representing private capital investors who manage more than USD2t in assets across Asia, Latin America, Africa, Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle East.