Impact Investing | December 6, 2023

Impact(ed): Driving foundation endowments toward social justice (podcast)


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Private foundations collectively control more than a trillion dollars of capital invested across a variety of traditional asset classes. A small portion of the financial returns from those investments is then granted out to support social impact.

But what if foundations approached the management of their endowments differently, by engaging stakeholders and staff from historically marginalized communities to inform investments decisions?

In the latest episode of Impact(ed), hosts Eric Horvath and Lucas Turner Owens chat with Essma Bengabsia of The Annie E. Casey Foundation to explore the untapped power and potential of philanthropy’s approach to investing, as well as how her roots as an activist and love for her Muslim community have fueled a career path that led her to her current role as an impact investor at a $3 billion foundation.

One of the areas Bengabsia is most excited about is “stakeholder centrism that truly centers the communities affected by an investment and building a portfolio and conducting investment decision-making that truly incorporates [those communities] perspectives,” she says.

Impact(ed) is a new podcast by Eric Horvath and Lucas Turner-Owens that features interviews with BIPOC practitioners working across the capital spectrum to unlock the power of investing for good. ImpactAlpha has partnered with Impact(ed) to bring the podcast to our audience.

Listen to Impact(ed) on Spotify and Apple. Connect with Eric and Lucas on Linkedin and share your thoughts on this episode and your recommendations for future topics and guests. View previous episodes on ImpactAlpha.