Wanted: Innovative designs for climate-resilient cities

Climate Finance Grantmakers and investors are putting out the call for urban climate adaptation ideas. Apply by March 15 for $250,000 in grants from Climate Ventures 2.0 for 10 innovations that combat water scarcity, stormwater runoff and agriculture vulnerabilities. Some of the startups will pilot their projects through the Rockefeller Foundation’s network of “100 Resilient

Soros stakes up to $50 million on Humanity Ventures

The hedge fund billionaire is seeking to galvanize private sector finance and innovation as an alternative to humanitarian aid for vulnerable, transient populations. The education and healthcare-focused partnership with Mastercard, called Humanity Ventures, is part of Soros’ $500 million pledge to reshape the global response to refugees, whose numbers are expected to swell under the

HTC to invest $10 million in VR-for-good startups

Virtual reality “for good” has been having its moment ever since several 360-degree films stirred empathy for Syrian refugees. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC launched a $10 million impact fund to invest in virtual reality startups with storytelling projects around the Global Goals for sustainable development. Photo credit: Dan Mason / Flickr

Inclusive Development Index: Measuring What Matters

Call it the Norway model. A new economic measure introduced at the World Economic Forum suggests inequality is not a natural byproduct of globalization, but a choice countries make through investments and priorities. The Inclusive Development Index shifts the evidence of a nation’s economic health from gross domestic product to living standards. GDP, a commonly used

“Global goals hotspots” represent a $12 trillion annual opportunity

A new report, “Better Business, Better World,” identifies 60 specific opportunities, including low-income food markets, public transport in urban areas, energy storage and telehealth, that could account for 10 percent of global GDP and create 380 million new jobs by 2030. Affordable housing alone could account for 20 percent of the total. Altogether, four sectors central

New Nigerian development bank aims to fill small-business credit gap

Nigeria, with the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, is launching its own development bank. The Development Bank of Nigeria, conceived in 2014, is now capitalized with $1.3 billion from the World Bank, KfW, the African Development Bank and the Agence Française de Development. The bank aims to lower borrowing rates and lengthen loan tenures for

Want social mobility? Go to a state university

Cal State Los Angeles and SUNY Stonybrook had the highest “mobility rate” in a new study by the Equality of Opportunity Project. The study of 30 million college students tracked the likelihood that a student from a lower-income family ends up in a higher-income family. Pace University in New York was the rare private school