Is the Developing World the Next Whitespace for Venture Capital? Fred Wilson Thinks So

It’s only halftime in the global mobile revolution. The first part largely redefined how rich countries accessed the Internet. The second part will reinvent how the developing world gets education, healthcare, financial services and other basic needs. [blockquote author=”Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures” pull=”pullleft”]If you ask me where the next big whitespace for VC is…I would

Ecosystem ‘Restoration Economy’ Drives Growth, Creates Jobs

Restoration of wetlands, wildlife habitats and other natural ecosystems is a job creator, not a job killer.  Our recent national survey, “Estimating the Size and Impact of the Ecological Restoration Economy,” has determined that the U.S. ecological restoration industry directly employs nearly 126,000 workers and generates approximately $9.5 billion in economic output (sales) annually. Our research team, comprised of

Clara Miller: Steering a Course Toward Shared Prosperity (Podcast) The need for a new strategy for raising living standards for poor Americans was the catalyst for the F.B. Heron Foundation to go “all-in” for impact. The mid-sized foundation is in the process of aligning all of its $300 million in assets with its mission of helping people and communities help themselves out of poverty.

DoctHers: Pakistan’s ‘Doctor Brides’ Inspire Confidence — and Better Health — for Women

Women make up the majority of students pursuing medical careers in Pakistan. For years, a government-imposed quota mandated that 80 percent of the seats at medical schools go to men, 20 percent to women. In 1991, the Supreme Court ruled the quota unconstitutional. Now, more than 80 percent of Pakistan’s medical students are women, compared to

Every Day is International Women’s Day for Sustainable Development Goals

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the social, economic and political achievement of women, and pledge to take action to accelerate gender parity. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recognize that supporting gender equality and the rights of women and girls is an important objective of international development. Development innovation can accelerate the attainment of the

Shared Interest: Loan Guarantees – and System-Change – for Women in South Africa

One of the most compelling aspects of gender lens investing is its potential to incorporate women and girls into systems that have excluded them – and to change those systems. To change them by applying values and practices women prioritize in order to build more just and inclusive societies. During the past 22 years, Shared

How Myanmar’s First Mobile Health App is Fixing Healthcare and Saving Lives

On average, a person living in Myanmar—also known as Burma—will live two decades less than someone in the U.S. For Michael Lwin, son of two doctors who came to the United States from Myanmar in the 1970s, this isn’t just a statistic. It’s a deeply unfair consequence of a geographic lottery. A lottery that favors