The Intermountain West gets a debt fund to finance non-profits

Half of U.S. economic output is concentrated in urban areas, but half isn’t. Intermountain Impact Investments, a Washington-based nonprofit fund manager, was founded by two self-described “middle aged guys” who’ve spent their careers running and funding nonprofits. Its new $2.5 million fund targets cities with populations under 50,000 in eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

California Wellness Foundation moves ahead on $50 million impact investment plan

The growing number of foundations committing to mission-related investments from their philanthropic endowments has set off something of a land rush among investment advisors eager for their business (see, “Ford Foundation to tap endowment”). The latest scrum is being conducted by the California Wellness Foundation, which quietly announced this month it was committing $50 million

Bringing microfinance back

Microfinance never went away — it just went mainstream. The sector still commands the majority of impact investing assets (and most exits in 2016). Microloans and other financial services targeting the poor now have “a central role in national financial systems all over the world, with hundreds of millions of clients, affected household members likely approaching one

These megatrends will determine the fate of the global goals for 2030

Two years into the 15-year Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations has identified six megatrends that could boost — or bust — progress toward the goals. The report flags important choices for governments, investors and civil society in efforts to end poverty, boost health education and health outcomes, eliminate gender disparities and take on climate change. 1 — Progress against poverty is

Bringing microfinance back, CZI and Gates Foundation team up, rural economics in the West

#Featured: Recap “Impact” is back at the center of the impact investing discussion. This week’s big deal, the $190 million financing of EverFi, brought to the surface questions about the industry’s commitment to “inclusive edtech” (and also about the highly touted impact metrics of the deal’s lead investor, TPG Growth’s new Rise Fund). The real

What did Ikea do? And other questions from The Brief Quiz #12

This week felt a lot like last week. Or did it? Escape the time-warp, take the Brief Quiz. Get The Brief, ImpactAlpha’s daily newsletter. Complete the sentence: OPIC ____ the federal deficit ____ nearly $4 billion in the past decade. a. Has increased — by b. Has decreased — by c. Has decreased — to d. ‘s deficit has exceeded — by 2. What percentage

The business case for shareholder activism

And they’re under threat. The Trump administration and legislators are pushing a proposal to make it harder for shareholders to get a vote on issues of concern, including corporate responsibility and sustainability. The legislation would require shareholders to own one percent of a company’s shares for three years in order to propose resolutions, a sharp