C&A Foundation, Ashoka launch seed fund for sustainable fashion

Ashoka and C&A Foundation, the Dutch retailer’s philanthropic arm, are expanding a partnership on sustainable fashion with a €250,000 ($280,000) fund. It may not sound like much, but the funds are meant for impact-focused textile startups that need a financial push to launch their businesses. “Once a scaling strategy is defined, one of the biggest

How to invest in the circular economy

The “take-make-dispose” linear approach to manufacturing, which bets on infinite amounts of natural resources, is risky, unsustainable and wasteful. The alternative is a system where production methods incorporate renewable energy, reuse of waste products and the sharing of assets and resources — a “circular” economy. A new report from the Investment Integration Project and impact-investor network Toniic,

Can Nordic solutions meet the needs of the poor?

ImpactAlpha has reported on Nordic solutions to global challenges, an initiative launched by Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland to share with the world their experiences in six areas of development: climate change, energy, sustainable cities, gender equality, welfare, and food policy. Nordic solutions to global challenges Contrarian Bjorn Lomborg is skeptical. Lomborg is the president

Climate market signals, Rise Fund’s new institutional investor, neighborhood finance in Detroit

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: ImpactAlpha Original Signals for climate action are in the capital markets, not the Rose Garden. Don’t look to President Trump to understand the future for climate action. Follow the money. In the short-run, watch whether others step up to fill the void of U.S. funding. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Climate market signals

Don’t look to President Trump to understand the future for climate action. Follow the money. If, in the next year or two, investment in the transition to a low-carbon economy falls in the aftermath of Trump’s call for the U.S. to exit the Paris climate agreement, the capital markets will effectively be shorting the chances of

Nespresso, Mitt Romney, and hospital beds, they’re all in the Brief Quiz №17

G’day Quizzazzaz! This week a man pulled out of a large agreement, in order to negotiate a better one. That’s ok. We have plenty of time, because this Quiz is Brief. Drumroll for the Brief Quiz number… Get The Brief, ImpactAlpha’s daily newsletter. 1. What’s Nestlé hoping to achieve in South America? a. Improving Nespresso capsules distributionb.

Toro Finance launches $500 million fund to expand healthcare facilities in India

India’s healthcare sector is notoriously undersupplied. The government is pushing for an additional $200 billion to get India to three hospital beds per 1,000 people by 2025. (It currently has less than one bed per 1,000 people.) The fund from Toro, a private equity firm, aims to help healthcare providers expand facilities and open in new