How opportunity zones can expand access to fresh food in America’s food deserts

  • Supermarket investments are difficult and potentially more risky in lower income areas than the tony areas of many cities or suburban communities. Perhaps the opportunity zone tax advantage could both mitigate that risk and meet the objectives of the Act’s framers.

The Little Jed Book: Digging into the ‘why’ of impact investing

  • "When it comes to the generation of intentional, positive social and environmental impacts, it is our great misfortune we live in a world of flowing ignorance, punctuated by pinnacles of insight."
  • "Despite our current rhetoric, we live in a world where most of the positive impact of our capital results as a function of this ignorance—not because of our deliberate and insightful strategy."

Private debt investors look for impact – to reduce risk and lower costs

  • While some private debt investors should come for the impact opportunity –expanding access to finance to small and midsize U.S. companies, U.S. job creation, (opportunity zones?), etc, they should stay for the risk mitigation, lower costs, potential to grow their assets.