Impact Investing | October 31, 2023

Urgency and optimism on the 2023 impact investing conference circuit

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, Oct. 31 – The fall is conference season for impact investing and sustainable finance. ImpactAlpha has you covered. Our editors and reporters fanned out across conferences, from Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi to Climate Week in New York to the GIIN Impact Forum in Copenhagen and SOCAP last week in San Francisco. Whew!

Catch up on ImpactAlpha’s exclusive coverage to get news, highlights, deals and gossip from across the circuit.

Defiant optimists at SOCAP

In San Francisco, impact investors hit back against the political and legal attacks on climate action, diversity and so-called ESG investing. See ImpactAlpha’s coverage on gender-lens investing and from DEI to shared prosperity. Bonus: Best-dressed at SOCAP.

Bipartisan appeal at the Ownership Economy Summit

The full-day Ownership Economy Summit convened employee-ownership fund managers and other ecosystem leaders to discuss accelerating transitions to employee ownership with private capital and public policy. Get the highlights.

Ambition and humility at the GIIN Impact Forum

Impact investors who came to Copenhagen to raise funds, pursue partnerships and connect with colleagues were anything but glum. As the GIIN’s Amit Bouri said, “Navigating these challenges requires this unique duality: The ambition to envision and lead monumental change and the humility to recognize the vastness of our journey ahead.” Go deeper.

Gender lens at GLI Forum Latam

Narrative reclamation and economic transformation was the promise of the GLI Latam Forum, this year in Medellín. Microlender Pro Mujer organized the convening, now in its fourth year, to showcase the social and economic power of investing in, and investments led by, women in Latin America. Check in.

Boosting Black ownership at the Congressional Black Caucus

The five-day event convened Black innovators, politicians, public and business leaders to discuss innovative solutions and scale up existing strategies to foster wealth creation, good health and wellbeing in Black communities. Catch up quickly.

Urgency and optimism at Climate Week

Entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and activists pushed, and protested, for progress on climate action at Climate Week NYC. Among the dispatches from ImpactAlpha and guests:

Opportunities in green transition at the Africa Climate Summit

African leaders gathered in Nairobi to voice for their climate concerns. Their message: The world needs Africa’s help in the climate fight just as much as Africa needs the world. Zoom in.

Systems change at PRI in Person

The annual confab of signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment, the over 5,000-member association of institutional investors collectively managing an estimated $121 trillion, took place in Tokyo. This year’s event came at an inflection point in the arc of responsible investing. Get the highlights.

Connecting capital to communities at the Salzburg Global Seminar

The challenges of providing for basic human needs such as food, water and housing are deeply interconnected. The search for solutions at the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria explored the conflicting demands of capital providers, communities – and other stakeholders. Go inside.