Beats | October 26, 2018

SOCAP’s Best-Dressed look back from 2030: What changed the world?

Maura Dilley
ImpactAlpha Editor

Maura Dilley

It’s the year 2030. Climate change has slowed. Inequality is falling. The future is looking bright.

Back in 2018, photographer Kelly Pendergrast and I beat the pavement at Fort Mason to ask SOCAP18’s best-dressed: What happened that year to turn the tide?

“People began to invest in relationships.” – Bas Kools, Geoship.

“We had critical conversations with heart.” – Shuyin Tang, Patamar Capital

“The best minds came together to make the right investments in biofuels and carbon-free energy which drove systems change at every level.” –  Darsh Mann, Stanford U. Graduate School of Business

“Someone was inspired. Driving home over the bridge, thinking about my pants and it all came together.” – Hodari Davis, Edutainment for Equity

“We burnt capitalism down.” – Kesha Cash, Melissa Plotsky and Yusill Scribner, Impact America Fund

“Investors woke up and invested in for real change, not just wealth.” – Jeff Cyr, Raven Capital Partners

“We realized the power lies in us.” – Jorgen Bo, Native

“An end of silos and a beginning of collaborative partnerships!” – Michael Ibonye and Pumla Maswanganyi, Baobab Consulting

“The compost and recycling bins at SOCAP18 were overflowing and we realized that if we do without garbage at SOCAP, we could change the tide on everything.” – Qianhui Chia, BLOCK71 San Francisco

“An increased focus on gender lens investing acknowledging power, prejudice and bias.” – Stephanie Kimber,  innovationXchange

“If was at SOCAP that we found ways to bridge strangers and unlikely allies, to understand community problems from all perspectives, at a deep level, and create solutions with community.” – Yassanna Nouri

“I was crying for (a) change and it inspired adults to unmake their mess.” – Björn Dilley, with mama (me!) Maura Dilley, Circular Economy Consulting

How 17 of the best-dressed people at SOCAP would invest $1 million for impact