Conservation | October 14, 2017

How 17 of the best-dressed people at SOCAP would invest $1 million for impact

Maura Dilley
ImpactAlpha Editor

Maura Dilley

“I’d invest $1 million in grazing land and bison to enjoy it.” — Jonathan Gans, Montana Bison.
“I’d invest $1 million in any social impact work transforming that within ourselves which is a manifestation of the inequality we see in the social world.” — Sonya Taylor, The Body is Not An Apology, @RadicalBodyLove
“I’d invest $1 million in #EastSide communities.” — Stephen DeBerry, Bronze Investments, @stephendeberry
“I’d invest $1 million in Beyond12 to ensure that 10 thousand low-income, California students would get college degrees and economic success.” — Alexandra Bernadotte (far left), Beyond12. @beyond12
“I’d invest $1 million in MarHub, a crowd sourced information platform for refugees in Europe.” — Sarah Nomanbhoy, MarHub. @marhub_co
“I’d invest $1 million in African food production to stop malnutrition, poverty, infant mortality and to increase employment for women.” — Rosette Fien Fomunung, Kayvey Nutri Foods, @KayveyNutriFood
“I’d invest $1 million to develop talent in young adults through civic engagement…and to pay them!” — Alex Peay, OnesUp, @Rising_Sons
“I’d give it all to the girls!” — Nina Nikolic, Idea Capital, @Nina_Nikolic_
“I’d invest $1 million to share the sun with solar powered chargers and flashlights.” — Ellison Moore, WakaWaka, @WakaWakaLight
“Regenerative projects, like Ejido Verde.” — Gary Gach, Ejido Verde.
“I’d invest $1 million in America’s heartland.” — Lindsay Smalling, SOCAP, @SOCAPmarkets
“I’d invest $1 million to change media narratives and landscapes.” — Tony Weaver, Weird Enough Productions., @WeirdEnoughTV
Meow Wolf for Asheville.” — Mandy Gardner, JB Media Group, @JBMediaGroupLLC
“I’d invest $1 million in anyone or anything creating more empathy.” — Jeff Shiau, Humanpreneur, @jeffshiau
“I would invest $1 million in community-based environmental justice programs to punish corporate polluters and to regenerate affected communities.” — Kelly Pendergrast, a media producer, co-founder of Antistatic
“I’d invest $1 million to end plastic pollution and restore communities and waterways choked with plastic, starting with communities of color.” — Maura Dilley, ImpactAlpha, @ImpactAlpha
Golden Gate Bridge: “Would like to invest $1 million to return evacuees from #northbayfires safely home to a climate-resilient future.”