Agrifood Tech | May 1, 2024

Renew Capital invests in Farm to Feed to curb food waste in Kenya

Lucy Ngige
Guest Author

Lucy Ngige

“Imperfect produce” startups that salvage fresh foods destined for the landfill can be found throughout the US and Europe. Nairobi-based Farm to Feed is adapting the model to serve smallholder farmers and urban households in Kenya.

The enterprise got its start by partnering with relief organizations to salvage produce from farmers to distribute to food-insecure communities in Kenya. It now operates an online marketplace for imperfect but edible produce.

Farm to Feed says it has salvaged nearly two million pounds of fresh produce from 800 farmers, supplementing their income by more than $200,000.

Ethiopia-based Renew Capital made an equity investment in Farm to Feed to build out its platform for tracking food loss and generating carbon credits. Farm to Feed is also backed by BFA Global’s Catalyst Fund and philanthropic funders. 

Funding food circularity

Poor access to markets and unreliable cold chains mean annual food losses in Africa amount to $4 billion per year; the volume could feed 48 million people. Curbing waste is urgent as climate change jeopardizes food security on the continent.

“Our goal is to transform the way food is valued and utilized in Kenya,” said Farm to Feed’s Claire van Enk. “We’re dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture, boosting farmer incomes, and making nutritious food more accessible and affordable for all.”