Corporate Impact | July 12, 2021

DuPont spinoff acquires George Serafeim’s ESG consultancy KKS Advisors

David Bank
ImpactAlpha Editor

David Bank

ImpactAlpha, July 12 – Chemical giant DuPont spun out DuPont Sustainable Solutions two years ago as an industrial consultant. DuPont Sustainable Solutions has acquired ESG consultancy KKS Advisors.

Boston-based KKS is DuPont’s second acquisition, after last year’s purchase of mining consultancy Lodestone Partners.

“We believe that managing risks and improving operations are fundamentally linked to sustainability and societal impact,” said DuPont’s Davide Vassallo. 

George Serafeim, a professor at Harvard Business School, will continue to co-lead KKS’ 20 consultants in London and Athens as well as Boston (see, “Q&A with Harvard’s George Serafeim: The link between corporate governance and environmental and social impact”).

“The combination with DSS will allow us to focus not just on sustainability strategy, but also on implementation to ensure the clients we work with are supported on their full ESG and impact journeys,” KKS’s Anuj Shah told ImpactAlpha. Shah is an advocate for impact-aligned compensation frameworks.