Calvert Impact backs $1 billion BlueOrchard microfinance fund

  • BlueOrchard... was founded by the UN in 2001 as one of the world’s first commercial managers of microfinance debt investments.
  • The firm says... 60% of its investees’ clients are women, one-quarter offer green loans for clean water and energy.
  • Calvert’s 2004 investment in BlueOrchard... matured in 2011.

JPMorgan fourth Financial Solutions Lab focuses on women and minority entrepreneurs

The Financial Solutions Lab — known as FinLab — is a $3 million annual competition for startups building tools to promote financial health and inclusion in the US. A majority of American adults have difficulty managing their finances. Of the 1,000 fintech companies JPMorgan has reviewed since launching the FinLab Challenge, lack of diversity among startup founders and leadership