Inclusive Economy | March 8, 2024

Five women who invest for social justice

Isaac Silk
ImpactAlpha Editor

Isaac Silk

Everyone in the impact investing ecosystem has an impact origin story, a moment that helped point them toward business and finance as tools for social change. On this International Women’s Day, we’re pleased to share important moments in the lives and careers of five women in impact investing, in their own words. The stories are excerpted from “The Social Justice Investor: Advance Your Values while Building Wealth,” by Andrea Longton. Pre-order the book and RSVP for the April 23 launch party at LISC’s headquarters in New York.

What’s your impact origin story? Share it with us.

  • Beth Bafford of Calvert Impact Capital reflects on her choice to turn down a lucrative job at an investment bank to volunteer for the presidential campaign of a not-so-well known senator from Illinois. Read more.
  • Rachel Robasciotti of Adasina Social Capital shares how her personal connection to the Black community in the floodpath of the Oroville Dam changed her thinking about racial and climate justice. Check it out.
  • Lakota Vogel of Four Bands Community Fund recalls playing Monopoly as a kid, and  reflects on the board game in the context of Native American economic empowerment. Pass Go (and collect $200).
  • Tanay Tatum-Edwards of FreeCap Financial recounts a conversation at an uninspiring conference that opened her eyes to the internalized ways she was holding herself back. Lean in.
  • Sonya Dreizler of CHOIR tells the story of making an important speech about privilege and racial justice before hundreds of her peers. Read on.