Rockefeller and UBS Optimus test pay-for-success model for water purification

  • Social success note... UBS Optimus will loan $500,000 to Impact Water using a structure that reduces interest payments if Impact Water hits impact goals.
  • Bonus offer... Rockefeller, meanwhile, is offering an additional $200,000 to cover Impact Water’s loan interest and boost UBS’s returns if those targets are met.

OhmConnect raises $8.5 million to expand the “energy sharing” economy

  • 1,000 tons... OhmConnect says its 300,000 participants have prevented 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions and received $4 million in energy savings payments.
  • Series B... The company has raised $15 million since launching in 2014, including $8.5 million from its latest Series B round.

BioCarbon Engineering raises $2.5 million to plant trees with drones

  • Rapid fire... BioCarbon Engineering relies on drone- and satellite-data to identify locations in need of replanting. Drones plant trees by rapidly firing seedpods into the ground.
  • A greener picture... BioCarbon Engineering’s technology can change landscape management.

Will markets trump policy on electric vehicles in India?

Nitin Gadkari, the Indian Minister for Road and Transport, recently called the government’s plan for 100% electric vehicles by 2030 “too ambitious,” suggesting 30% was more likely. Gadkari also said no new incentives will be provided to the industry beyond what’s already in place. Even without incentives, the growth of India’s EV market is continuing. Mahindra