Beats | May 1, 2019

Capital markets meets local stakeholders in Philadelphia

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, May 1 – Capital markets are waking up to impact investments, while local champions are tapping capital markets to drive resilience, job and wealth creation, and inclusive growth. That convergence will be on display as Good Capital Project’s Total Impact conference series returns to Philly.

ESG alpha. Growing awareness in public markets that environmental, social and governance considerations can reduce investors’ exposure to climate change, supply-chain disruptions, management scandals and other material risks has investors and advisors turning to ESG investing strategies. Big wins around gender pay, climate action and private prisons have given shareholder advocacy fresh momentum, and new respect within impact investing.

At Total Impact, Geeta Aiyer of Boston Common Asset Management and Sister Nora Nash of St. Francis of Philadelphia will recount successful engagement strategies.

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Local capital. Philly’s local champions are hungry for proven investment vehicles and blended financing that can mobilize capital for local businesses, infrastructure and real estate.

At Total Impact, the Beeck Center’s Lisa Hall will talk Opportunity Zones. Ben Franklin Tech’s Scott Nissenbaum will dish on the firm’s new $15 million GO Philly venture fund. And Dave Shaffer of First Step Staffing will share how he tapped multiple local investors to bring his staffing company for the homeless and formerly incarcerated to the City of Brotherly Live (see, “Philadelphia’s impact investors step up to finance local job-creation and a storefront revival).

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