| October 22, 2020

Unreasonable Group launches diverse investing collective

Amy Cortese
ImpactAlpha Editor

Amy Cortese

ImpactAlpha, Oct. 22 –  The social impact accelerator Unreasonable Group has for a decade offered high-growth, high-impact entrepreneurs mentorship, networks and resources – without taking a financial stake. Through the new Unreasonable Collective, individuals can pool their money to invest in the ventures of Unreasonable’s global network of more than 234 “fellows.”

The ventures, in agritech, alt-protein, digital health and other sectors, have together raised $4.7 billion and so far generated a total of $3.7 billion in revenue.

Unreasonable’s Pratibha Vuppuluri told ImpactAlpha the idea is to promote a more inclusive form of impact investing, with women and people of color making up at least half of its investors. A diverse investor base can “come in with smart capital and smart perspectives,” says Vuppuluri.

Members of the collective will also be able to participate in networking and learning opportunities.

Reasonable terms

The Collective will co-invest up to $1 million in later-stage enterprises in deals that have a lead investor. Unreasonable will forego a fee for managing the collective, but will charge annual dues and take 15% of the collective’s profits.

Membership is initially open to U.S.-based accredited investors, although Unreasonable hopes to expand to more countries. The invitation-only collective has signed up 30 members so far from its community of mentors and partners, and expects to announce its first deal within weeks.