2030 Finance | June 24, 2017

Troubles, T-shirts and the end of T-bones

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There was more talk of interference this week. With so much electricity in the air, try our hair-raising Brief Quiz №20.

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1. Why is the Fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria not being marketed as an impact fund?

a. It is not an impact fund
b. It is not actually being marketed
c. Impact measurement would be too time-consuming
d. Concerns about misaligned expectations about return and investment criteria

2. What’s the trouble with the 2030 Global Goals?

a. The whaaaaat?
b. They are soooo 2016
c. They focus on symptoms, not causes
d. Concerns about misaligned expectations about return and investment criteria

3. What country has consistently outperformed on the annual Social Progress Index?

a. Costa Rica
b. Sweden
c. Bhutan
d. The former Soviet Union taken in aggregate

4. What’s China planning to halve by 2030?

a. Coal production
b. Road travel time from Kunming to Kolkata
c. Meat consumption
d. Bad debt

5. What’s up with “new” SOCAP?

a. It relaunched this week with a grand plan to take on grand challenges
b. It relaunched this week with a generally acceptable plan to take on mildly interesting opportunities
c. It’s been taken over by real estate developers and now has a twin organization called NOCAP (and higher prices)
d. It’s been taken over by millennials and rebranded SOC AF (no joke, Olaf)

6. On current renewable energy investment trends, will the world meet a 2-degree climate target?

a. Not sure. I hope. I think. Maybe? I thought I heard someone say so
b. Yes, hands down, absolutely
c. No, another $5.3 trillion is needed
d. Confusion between Fahrenheit and Celsius will allow politicians to claim some sort of victory

7. What do CSR activities need?

a. Better photographic evidence
b. To go beyond reports with pictures of poor children to answering real questions
c. Let’s pause here. What would a CSR report with the picture of a rich kid look like? Facebook’s annual report? See?
d. No one reads CSR reports, except the people that write them. (And their boss. And their proud parents). So the cover. Matters. A lot.

8. Speaking of Facebook, what did the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invest in?

a. A better CSR report
b. Affordable housing for teachers
c. A five-pack of grey T-shirts
d. A grand scheme to relocate all Californians away from the fault line.

9. What’s getting ready to launch on the London Stock Exchange?

a. A sliver of Saudi Aramco
b. A listed impact investment trust
c. An ETF called BREVIS (Brexit Volatility Index Scanner), because Ars Longa..
d. France’s public debt, a cunning move by new President Macron.

As this Brief Quiz comes to a close, rest assured that all cheap puns were intended. See you next week.

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Answers 1d, 2c, 3a, 4c, 5a, 6c, 7b, 8b,9b. (but, really, whatever you answered will do)