Podcasts | July 31, 2018

Summer Listening: Binge on ImpactAlpha’s top five podcasts of 2018

David Bank
ImpactAlpha Editor

David Bank

We love all our podcast listeners, but we really love one who goes by Jdags on iTunes. “On a long drive home last night, I queued up Returns on Investment’s first podcast with Nancy Pfund and found the discussion pointed, engaging and informative,” Jdags wrote a couple months ago. “Ended up plowing through eight more episodes before returning home.”

Jdag’s sheer endurance makes us think more listeners might want to binge-listen to ImpactAlpha’s podcast series, now on its 65th episode. We suggest you start with five and go from there. So we’re counting down the top five Returns on Investment podcast titles in the first half of 2018.

Bonus: here’s the interview with DBL Partners’ Nancy Pfund that kicked it all off back in 2015.

No 5. Should impact entrepreneurs beware the strategic corporate investor?

Global corporations are beginning to direct strategic investment capital towards areas that are also targeted by impact investors. Is the growing trend a breakthrough or a stumbling block for impact? (podcast) (post)

No 4. Which financial innovations will grow from billions to trillions?

By finding inventive ways to make social inclusion and environmental regeneration pay, innovative financing models are “internalizing positive externalities.” Or as we might call it: the impact alpha. (podcast) (post)

No 3. Institutional investors come for the risk reduction, stay for the impact.

An increasing number of institutional asset managers are going beyond risk-mitigation and seeking upside opportunities as well. Is the focus in impact world beginning to shift from family offices to the supertankers of global finance? (podcast) (post)

No 2. Nature Reduces Risk: How finance can conserve large-scale ecosystems.

Risk reduction has emerged as the key lever in conservation finance, and increasingly, new financing mechanisms are bringing together unlikely allies hoping to “de-risk” long term assets. (podcast) (post)

No 1. BlackRock to CEOs: Get a long-term purpose, stat!

Social activists cheered and activist investors groaned when Larry Fink released his controversial annual letter, in which he warned that every company “must show how it makes a positive contribution to society.” (podcast) (post)

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