Blockchain/AI/IoT | June 13, 2017

Sharing economy comes to agricultural drones in China

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A Chinese startup, Nongtian Guanjia, raised $7 million to help farmers connect with agricultural drone operators for more precise applications of pesticides and chemicals.

As much as one-fifth of China’s arable land is chemically contaminated, with excessive fertilizer and pesticide use one of the biggest factors.

Nongtian Guanjia has registered 1,000 drone operators and has served farmers managing 666 million square meters of farmland in 10 provinces.

The year-old company raised the funds from early-stage venture fund Gobi Partners, U.S.-based GGV Capital, Shunwei Capital, the Zhen Fund and Yunqi Partners.

“Nongtian Guanjia provides services that can help solve the labor shortage issue, increase efficiency and improve food quality,” says Gobi’s Tao Jiang.