Dealflow | May 20, 2017

Seed funding for eVote will help launch voting and polling platform

The team at


eVote has secured seed funding to launch a voting and polling platform.

The non-governmental voting platform is intended for opinion gathering and surveying of large groups to drive decision-making in businesses and communities.

eVote’s market positioning as a social awareness and transparency tool helped it secure $3 million in seed funding from London-based social tech investor SGO. SGO has been searching for “tools and solutions that will expand the infrastructure for democracy in the 21st century.”

eVote’s Julie Sun says that existing survey tools are labor intensive to set up and often not reuseable. “It is also a rather taxing experience for participants,” Sun told ImpactAlpha, adding that eVote’s approach favors “bite-size voting experiences.”

Other startups are working on solutions to improve transparency in governmental voting, like blockchain-based Voatz and Clear Ballot.