Dealflow | January 27, 2017

Ross Baird has a plan to build businesses and create jobs in rural America

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Village Capital founder Ross Baird gets his say in a long profile in Bloomberg Businessweek. His formula: look for three-baggers, versus the 10X returns most VCs expect, in agriculture, healthcare and energy — and look for them in the red states between the coasts.

Example: Fin Gourmet, a Kentucky startup that hires disadvantaged workers to turn invasive Asian carp into tasty boneless filets. “If Donald Trump wants to deliver on his promise to create rural jobs, he doesn’t need to create anything out of thin air,” says Baird. Adds Businessweek: The talent is there, but the capital isn’t.

(Note: Mission Investors Exchange’s webinar on Thursday, Feb. 9 will showcase impact investing strategies for rural communities.)

Photo credit: Fin Gourmet