Dealflow | July 11, 2017

Push Doctor raises $26 million for UK digital health platform

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Push Doctor has raised $26 million for its UK digital health platform.

Push Doctor launched in 2013 as an app for booking doctor appointments and video consultations with doctors in the U.K.’s National Health Service.

It has now raised $26.1 million to expand into new digital health services, including prescription management, doctor referrals, and information to help patients manage chronic and short-term health conditions.

Founder Eren Ozagir envisions Push Doctor as a “single digital health platform that combines responsive medicine and chronic condition management,” fitness, and nutritional services.

The round was backed by U.K.-based venture capital fund Accelerated Digital Ventures and four European investors: Draper Esprit, Oxford Capital, Partech Ventures, and Seventure Partners.

Push Doctor has raised $37.5 million to date.