Agrifood Tech | September 19, 2017

Plant-based yogurt maker Yofix nabs $2 million

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The Israeli company says it is the first to make seed- and lentil-based yogurt products, without any food waste or the thickeners found in other non-dairy yogurts.

“Yofix technology uses all the grains in the emulsion without filtering out anything, reducing the ecological footprint,” says Ronen Lavee, Yofix’s CEO. (With soy yogurt, most of the bean solids are discarded in production.) The company’s marketing as a zero-waste company sets it apart from others in the vegetarian dairy and meat markets.

Yofix’s funding round was led by Strauss Health, an Israeli food and beverage manufacturer, and included U.S., U.K., and Israeli investors.

Funds will be used to build a production facility in Israel and for market expansion in Israel and internationally.