Dealflow | August 10, 2017

Obama staffers invest in 10 “political tech” startups through new fund

The team at


Higher Ground Labs was launched in May to support emerging digital tools for future national and state campaigns — Democratic campaigns, that is, since the fund was started by former Obama tech aides.

It’s a response to campaign investments from wealthy conservative backers like the Koch brothers.

“We haven’t built a culture around investors who invest in political tech in a real way,” Higher Ground co-founder Betsy Hoover told Wired. “I think there’s a real moment to think about this differently.” The fund has raised at least $2.5 million since it launched — 60% of which has been invested in a cohort of 10 companies that are part of Higher Ground’s accelerator.

They include: Hope, a mobile-communications platform that aims to help people understand and engage in political issues; surveying tool Qriously; and Field Day, a local data aggregator for campaign marketing.