Climate Finance | February 23, 2018

Nine financing structures to overcome barriers to low-carbon solutions

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It’s game-on for financial engineers seeking to mobilize capital to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and the global climate agreement.

The latest cases-in-point are the nine instruments selected by the Climate Finance Lab, a private-public partnership that has already launched 25 financial vehicles that have mobilized $978 million, including $228 million from Lab members themselves.

Projects Archive – The Lab: Driving Sustainable Investment

The new candidates include mechanisms for accelerating clean energy, low-carbon transit and sustainable land use. The Green Aggregation Tech Enterprise, for example, aims to streamline renewable energy mini-grids in sub-Saharan Africa.

In India, the Residential Rooftop Solar Accelerator will lease systems to households that lack the credit history to purchase them, while Financing for Low-Carbon Auto Rickshaws will lend money for low-carbon and electric rickshaw drivers, lowering emissions and helping drivers gain independence from renting.

The Socio-Climate Benefits Fund Facility aims to restore Amazon forests with long-term loans for smallholder farmers of low-carbon protein from fish, poultry and pigs.

The nine ideas, selected from more than 100 submissions, will go through a development cycle in preparation for launch by the end of the year. See all of The Lab’s prospects here.

And for even more innovative financial instruments, check out the “SDG unicorns” from Rockefeller Foundation’s Zero-Gap portfolio.

Here come the SDG-finance unicorns