Dealflow | June 17, 2019

NeedsList raises $1 million for nonprofit crowdfunding platform

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, June 17 – North Carolina-based NeedsList is a crowdsourcing platform for nonprofits humanitarian organizations in need of money, goods, and volunteer hours. The organization has closed a $1 million funding round from Amplio Ventures, Marigold Capital, Omidyar Network, Next Wave Impact, Silicon Valley Social Ventures and the Kuo Sharper Fund.

Listed campaign requests range from financial donations to repair aid facilities in Greece to clothing donations for asylum seekers on the U.S. Mexico border and volunteer time donations from translators and English instructors. 

Anyone can make a donation of money or goods to the site. The platform also connects relief organizations with corporate partners, and helps private companies like Starbucks, TripAdvisor and WeWork develop charity campaigns as employee engagement or social impact initiatives. 

NeedsList has helped 150 organizations raise $1 million in money and resources donations for their campaigns.

The organization’s own funding round has closed at the start of World Refugee Week (June 17 – 23) and will be used to boost its tech infrastructure and analytics.