Entrepreneurship | May 9, 2017

Moving beyond “one size fits all” to boost U.S entrepreneurship

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U.S. startups and small businesses need new capitalization models that include revenue-share-, dividend- and royalty-based financing.

A “jobs bond” could provide liquidity to private investors in startups and small businesses based on the number of jobs created. Aggregating community banks into a “super-regional” bank could bridge between large capital providers and organizations that create entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Those are some of the ideas surfaced in a two-day Kauffman Foundation-mobilized design lab to imagine ways to jumpstart U.S. entrepreneurship, report Village Capital’s Ross Baird and Access Ventures’ Bryce Butler, who participated.

The design lab also included Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Blackrock, Omidyar Network, Ford Foundation and Kiva.

Kauffman promoted the initiative as a trillion-dollar “moonshot” for investment in entrepreneurship, which is at a 30-year low in the U.S., despite the hype in Silicon Valley and the unprecedented success of a few “unicorns.” How would you generate a trillion dollars for America’s entrepreneurs? Village Capital wants to know.