Catalytic Capital | May 24, 2022

MacArthur Foundation commits $20 million for housing for justice-involved people

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, May 24 – Roughly one in four people experienced homelessness in the year before their incarceration. Chicago-based MacArthur Foundation hopes a mix of grants and long-term loans can help four communities break the link between housing instability and jail incarceration.

Through its Just Home Project, the foundation will provide $3.2 million to Charleston County in South Carolina, Minnehaha County in South Dakota, Tulsa County in Oklahoma and the City and County of San Francisco. Each community will be eligible for long-term loans through a $15 million pool of capital. Urban Institute will receive $1.8 million to administer the project and provide technical support.

By coupling grants and program-related investments, the Just Home Project aims to unlock local government innovation and absorb risks that housing providers are often hesitant to take.

“Criminal justice reform cannot happen in a silo,” said MacArthur’s Laurie Garduque. In Charleston County, for example, officials will create a housing-first approach with supportive services for individuals impacted by homelessness and incarceration.