Investing in Health | February 7, 2024

India’s Aarogya Tech scores $1.8 million for chronic disease prevention and management

Lucy Ngige
Guest Author

Lucy Ngige

ImpactAlpha, February 7 – Non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cancer are responsible for more than 60% of deaths in India. Without interventions, they are projected to cost the country’s economy $3.6 trillion by 2030.

Health tech startup Aarogya Tech offers digital health monitoring and management to support early disease detection or prevention. Its health service remotely monitors patients’ blood pressure, weight and blood oxygen levels and offers personalized health and disease management advice.

“21st century healthcare should be centered at home with advanced and cutting-edge technology,” say Aarogya’s Prashant Trivedi and Lokendra Thaku. “Hospitals should be visited only for acute care.”

The year-old company raised seed capital from angel investor Hasu Shah of US-based real estate company Hersha Hospitality Trust.