Dealflow | February 14, 2017

Indian government takes over immunization effort from Gates Foundation

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is accentuating the positive after news broke that the Indian government is taking over from the foundation part of a years-long immunization initiative that vaccinates 27 million babies for diseases like measles and polio each year.

Reuters reported that the move is part of a broader clampdown on non-governmental, and particularly foreign, organizations.

Critics are concerned about conflicts of interest because of the Gates Foundation’s backing for GAVI, the global vaccine alliance that counts big pharmaceutical companies as partners.

A spokeswoman told ImpactAlphathe foundation welcomed the transition to government funding when its grant for the Immunization Technical Support Unit (ITSU) ends this month.

The foundation provides time-limited support and structures transition, she said, “so that critical experiential knowledge and capabilities stay within the (Indian) government system when our support winds down.”

Photo credit: PIYAL ADHIKARY/epa/Corbis