Return on Inclusion | June 17, 2022

ImpactAlpha Deal Spotlight: Impact in real estate

Roodgally Senatus
ImpactAlpha Editor

Roodgally Senatus

ImpactAlpha, June 17 — New real estate funds with impact and inclusive strategies are attracting allocations. This week, SoLa Impact’s  Black Impact Fund secured $15 million from Equitable to invest in affordable housing in Black and brown communities.

U.K.-based Bridges Fund Management closed a £350 million ($425 million) property fund for investments in healthcare, low-carbon logistics and affordable housing.

And CEI-Boulos Capital Management, a social impact-focused real estate fund manager, secured $10 million from NBT Bank for a joint venture fund that will invest in real estate projects in low- and moderate-income communities (for background, listen to Jonathan Rose on building green, affordable communities of opportunity).