Agents of Impact | November 8, 2021

Friends of ImpactAlpha, we appreciate you

Lyneka Little
ImpactAlpha Editor

Lyneka Little

You are an Agent of Impact. And a friend of ImpactAlpha.

You follow us each day because we follow the money, the talent and the ideas that are building the regenerative and just future. 

In the last couple weeks we’ve followed you, as you introduced yourself to other Agents of Impact and told them why you tap into ImpactAlpha every day. (Note to #FriendsofImpactAlpha: We hope you’re enjoying your new coffee mugs.) 

Your testimonials both humbled and inspired us. We work hard to amplify your impact and are grateful to you for amplifying ours. In the key of the Golden Girls theme, thank you for being a friend.

Are you a #FriendsofImpactAlpha? Share a few words of what you value about ImpactAlpha, or why you recommend it to others.

 “The ImpactAlpha Brief is the only thing in my inbox that I read every single day. It’s also the only news source that I recommend to my students in my impact investing courses. Whether you are an industry veteran or someone looking to break into the space, there is no other single place to get access to the same depth and breadth of material on impact investing.”

Aunnie Power

“ImpactAlpha is the go-to source for up-to-date information on the impact investment space. Without their work, I would not be able to keep pace with the rapidly developing field. As a graduate student, it has helped prepare me for a career in impact investing.”

-Kyle Roland

“I read ImpactAlpha to stay abreast of the fast and far-reaching developments in the impact space.  And, it’s a great resource for my teaching on corporate sustainability and social responsibility.” 

-Judith Albert

“ImpactAlpha showcases a vision for better capital markets. The Reconstruction podcast is one of the BEST spaces tackling “impact” in investing.”

-Mekaelia Davis

“I enjoy reading ImpactAlpha because as an investor, every investment we make will have an impact – we just have to decide if it’s positive or negative. ImpactAlpha highlights my colleagues who understand how capitalism has cause.”

-Taj Eldridge

“With so much happening in the impact investing space, it can be hard to keep track. ImpactAlpha has become the go-to hub for sharing and learning and it is a top newsletter I look forward to reading daily!”

-Delilah Rothenberg

“I enjoy ImpactAlpha for its in-depth, engaging and insightful coverage of who is doing what in the impact investing community and why it’s important.  I read a lot of media for my work. No one covers impact finance in quite the same way that ImpactAlpha does.  It’s a must read if you want to stay engaged with key players operating in this sector.”

-Mark Campanale

“I trust and depend on ImpactAlpha to curate daily “need to know” reporting and editorial on the impact economy. They recognized the potential for a journalism beat on impact investing long before anyone else took it seriously and have consistently impressed me with their expertise and integrity in covering this growing field.

-Lindsay Smalling

“I subscribe to ImpactAlpha to learn about smart, innovative leaders who are changing the world. The platform introduces me to companies that are reinventing business and connects me to an international community that’s working for justice. In light of all the world’s problems, ImpactAlpha is an antidote to hopelessness.”.

-Nicole Reed

“Time is ticking, we need to go Impact On. Together we need to set an ambitious and progressive course towards a conscious and regenerative economy. And ImpactAlpha will be there every step of the way.”

-Michiel Lenstra

“ImpactAlpha inspires me, educates me and pushes my thinking on impact, finance and markets. It has become my priority daily news source for what is important in the world and within the ambit of the impact investing space.”

-Brendan Mullen