Dealflow | October 9, 2019

Energy Impact Partners invests $25 million in RapidSOS for emergency response

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, October 9 – Natural disasters, large public events and aging infrastructure create a nightmare scenarios for U.S. emergency responders, who still depend on antiquated systems–like landlines–to orchestrate relief and rescue missions.

RapidSOS is trying to overhaul emergency response infrastructure through a cloud-based platform that connects data from smart devices, like cars and wearable medical devices, to emergency responders. The platform, which launched last year, is being rolled out in places like New Orleans, where first responders are on alert during major public events like Mardi Gras and have to contend with intensifying climate-related weather threats.

RapidSOS has closed a $55 million Series B funding round to support the platform’s expansion. It secured $25 million from utility-backed venture capital firm Energy Impact Partners during a round extension.

Energy Impact Partners, which invests with a sustainable energy mission, backed the company because of its ability to “transform how our utility partners manage safety, security, and emergency operations.”