Blue Angels Disrupt SOCAP: ImpactAlpha’s Exclusive “Interview”

Deep in discussions about capital markets and social impact, investors and entrepreneurs at this year’s SOCAP conference were joined by special guests, the Navy's Blue Angels. I caught up with these hotshot flyboys to get their take:

ImpactAlpha – Thank you for agreeing to this interview. It's an honor. 
BlueAngels – No trouble at all. It’s our job to disrupt SOCAP!

IA – I was in a session this afternoon and you made a lot of noise. Can you elaborate some more on your position?
BA – We fly at 500 mph with our wing tips six inches apart, pulling 7G turns. We're kind of disappointed by your lack of get-up-and-go. Wait until the market matures? De-risk our investments? We live for risk! (high-fives)

IA – The Navy is looking for companies developing military-grade jet fuel with lower greenhouse gas emissions.
BA ­– No comment. The Blue Angels are simply trying to level the plane field and not burn bridges.

IA – You guys are really good at collaboration and team building. What do you do when somebody veers off course.
BA – It’s an agile process, Maura. You have to be a captain and drive hard. Failure is not an option

IA – How do you scale?
BA – We’re in the cloud…er, clouds.

IA – Capito. Well, I bet you’d like to cool your jets after a hard days work; will you be joining us tonight for the Impact Hub closing party?
BA – We can’t hover around unfortunately. If only we had Ospreys instead of Hornets!

IA – Thanks for stopping by you guys!
BA – You bet! We’re invested in making an impact wherever we go.


No, I didn't really meet the Blue Angels. Darn!

Thanks to the fabulous Kathy Bruin for inspiration and support.

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