Beats | June 28, 2017

Demand for impact investments generates a growing supply — of ‘intermediaries’

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Impact wealth managers, impact investment advisors and managers, investment consultants, management consultants, financial advisors, family offices — an army of service providers is responding to growing client demand for impact investing advice (see, “Smoothing the flow of impact investing with lane markers and turn signals”).

Toniic, the impact investor network, surveyed 37 providers to get the lay of the often overlooked land between asset owners and investees. All those surveyed for “Insights from impact advisors & consultants 2017” expect their business to grow this year, and one-third see a “significant increase.”

Mary Foust of Merrill Lynch predicts “the industry will have more cost-effective tools to allow for clients to design an impact portfolio for their exact desires.” William Tickle of Ballentine Partners, said “the sector will continue to grow and attract more top talent.”

Amit Bouri of the Global Impact Investing Network offered a six-point checklist for choosing an advisor. It’s important, he says, “to identify advisors with real experience and understanding of what impact investing is, versus those who just claim experience and understanding.”