Low-carbon transition | July 7, 2023

Deal spotlight: Avaada’s big push to green India’s ammonia and hydrogen production

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, July 7 – Green ammonia and green hydrogen are among the highest impact opportunities for the net-zero transition. The fuels are key to sustainable shifts in agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation.

Mumbai-based Avaada Group scored $1.3 billion from Brookfield Renewables and others to ramp up production for green ammonia, methanol and hydrogen, along with solar manufacturing and renewable power generation.

India is aiming to meet 10% of global green hydrogen demand by 2030.

Policy push

India included more than $2 billion in incentives in its National Green Hydrogen Mission to ramp up domestic production of green hydrogen. To drive demand, the government plans to set minimum usage requirements for green hydrogen and derivative products, like ammonia for fertilizer.

A report from Systemiq identified public mandates for green ammonia use in fertilizer as one of three “super leverage points” that could tip the scales for emerging clean technologies.

India’s policy interventions could bump the green share of its total hydrogen demand from 16% to 46% by 2030.