Good Jobs | February 9, 2024

CHART: Support for workers is universal – and drives business outperformance

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, Feb 9 – Worker issues, including wages, training and safety, consistently rank as the public’s top priorities for business behavior, according to Just Capital’s annual survey.

The elevation of workers extends across nearly every demographic – men, women, liberal, conservative, low-income, high-income, young generations, older generations, and white, Black, and Hispanic Americans.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises topped this year’s JUST 100 of companies ranked based on their performance across stakeholder issues. Propelling it to the top: Ensuring women and people of color earn the same as their peers, and apprenticeship programs for caregivers and the formerly incarcerated.

JUST alpha

The JUST 100 Index, which tracks the top 100 companies ranked by Just Capital, has outperformed The Russell 1000 by 38.4% since inception.

Compared to other companies, JUST 100 firms on average deliver a 4% higher profit margin, 2.9% higher return on equity and 1.2% higher dividend yield. They also use 30% more renewable energy as a proportion of their energy use and emit 42% less metric tons of CO2 per revenue dollar.