Blockchain/AI/IoT | January 27, 2017

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative makes an acquisition to free scientific research

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The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s status as an LLC, rather than a traditional foundation, enables it do things like acquire Meta, a private company, and make its entire trove of medical research free to scientists and students. The (perhaps eventually) $45 billion initiative of the Facebook founder and his wife is building a big ecosystem of support for medical experts.

Its first acquisition is Toronto-based Meta, formerly ScienceScape, which crunches through thousands of scientific papers and uses artificial intelligence to connect research across diseases, pathways and treatments. Meta previously charged some customers; going forward, all services will be free, including full-text access to more than 18,000 journals.

Last year CZI committed $3 billion towards eradicating all diseases, including $600 million for a “Biohub” in San Francisco.

Photo credit: Meta