Deals lag hype in ‘Blockchain for Good’ investments

  • Hype-cycle... For all the promise of blockchain-enabled technologies to solve a variety of global challenges, “blockchain for good” ventures have been slow to emerge.
  • The latest signal... Consensys' $50 million in-house venture fund is scaling back the social impact-focus of the fund.
  • Market development... If interest in blockchain-for-good is indeed ebbing, that just might mean it’s an opportunity to buy in.

Gray Matters Capital launches accelerator for Indian edtech startups

  • Success looks like… Selected companies should target a user base of 1 million with at least 50% women, and offer an affordable product.
  • Supporting growth… Participating companies will each get up to $35,000 to support mentorship in user engagement and mobile product strategy.

Vox Capital backs Sanar to train healthcare professionals in Brazil

  • The medical training gap… The startup is trying to bridge a major health services gap in Brazil.
  • Sanar’s solution… The firm identifies content needs via specialized Facebook forums and then develops online courses and materials.
  • Vox Capital manages... about $120 million between two funds.