Infrastructure hopes spring eternal. What’s impact got to do with it? (podcast)

  • It’s becoming a biennial ritual to loft “infrastructure” as one of the few issues on which bipartisan cooperation is even imaginable in the current U.S. political climate. The pipe dream found new life after last week’s midterm elections, which will give the Democrats a majority in the House of Representatives.

The Conduit: Doing good while eating and drinking well (podcast)

  • “If you’re going to build an impact business with impact at its core, you need a posse of people around you to help you,” Conduit co-founder Paul van Zyl told Impactalpha – in the bar, of course – to record the latest episode of our Returns on Investment podcast.

Institutional Shift: Impact investing on the hot seat at global pension funds (podcast)

  • The results of a board election last week at the largest public pension fund in the U.S. offered a stark reminder that the “institutional shift” toward sustainable investing is in no way inevitable.
  • The latest episode of ImpactAlpha’s Returns on Investment podcast tried to take stock of the state of impact investing at such pension funds and other large institutional investors.

Global energy access is an impact investment even curmudgeons can love (podcast)

  • The Shine Campaign, which seeks to mobilize both philanthropic and private capital for energy access, surveyed 10 fund managers who collectively expect to deploy $1.3 billion in such ventures over the next two years, with half of the capital already raised. “It’s a hockey stick,” said Shine’s Mark Correnti.
  • The 10 funders are...

Beware cures for ‘impact-washing’ that may be worse than the disease (podcast)

  • The latest Returns on Investment podcast takes up the growing concern about “impact-washing,” the use of impact jargon or marketing to raise money or burnish reputations without delivering real impact or, in some cases, causing negative impacts.
  • But creating barriers to entry to impact investing and setting up select people or organizations as gatekeepers could be more harmful than any damage from a few bad actors.