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CDC’s Nick O’Donohoe on risk, liquidity and catalytic capital in emerging markets (podcast)

“The crisis has made a risky area even more risky,” CDC’s Nick O’Donohoe says on ImpactAlpha’s latest Agents of Impact podcast. “It is critically important that development finance institutions step forward, be countercyclical and provide funding and liquidity at a time when commercial investors wouldn’t.“That means you’ve got to take on considerable amount of risk in order to do that.”

Leapfrog’s Andy Kuper on impact, exits and scaling growth in emerging markets through the COVID crisis (podcast) 

LeapFrog Investments goes into this recession with capital on hand, the fortuitous result of having raised more than $700 million for its third fund last year.  That’s a stark contrast to the last recession, when LeapFrog launched its first fund a week after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. The emerging market impact investor

How gender power imbalances put the COVID recovery at risk (podcast)

Power is the thread that connects the surge in gender-based violence during the COVID crisis with violence against people of color, including by police officers. “Power is the issue: inequity and structural inequities that affect people in all sorts of different ways,” Criterion Institute’s Joy Anderson said in an interview on ImpactAlpha’s Returns on Investment

Visa Foundation’s Graham Macmillan doubles down on small and micro businesses – run by women (podcast)

ImpactAlpha, May 9 – A parade of philanthropic foundations will report this week on their journeys toward aligning their assets with their missions, as the biennial Mission Investors Exchange gets underway online. ImpactAlpha will check in on the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Heron Foundation and others that have been working for years

Career impact bonds transfer risk to investors as the future of work arrives (podcast) 

The future of work is here. With unemployment soaring and many jobs never coming back, long-forecast shifts in employment patterns that might have played out over a decade or more are snapping quickly into place. To adjust, millions of people in the U.S. and around the world will need retraining, certifications and other support to

A disruption big enough to drive private capital for public good – or not (podcast)

The COVID crisis has seen an outpouring of public capital for public good. And trillions of dollars in ‘stimulus,’ ‘bailouts,’ ‘liquidity’ and ‘easing’ represents public capital for private good. Investors (including some senators) are playing the volatile markets and pocketing the profits – that’s private capital for private good. Impact investing has posited the role