Investors with $6.5 trillion demand fast-food giants manage climate risks

  • "Increased environmental regulation, rising consumer demand for plant-based food, and fears over water pollution from intensive farms are all ingredients in the rising threat to the long-term value of the fast food multinationals,” said Alice Evans of BMO Global Asset Management, with $260 billion under management.

The Climate Alpha: Twelve days of climate optimism

  • We’ll know by 2030, if not 2020, whether we still have a chance to avert the worst of the climate catastrophe.
  • In the next dozen years, climate experts say, we must cut greenhouse gas emissions at least in half, on the way to a net-zero economy by 2050.
  • The expectation that we’ll meet that challenge is essential for making it so: optimism may or may not be self-fulfilling, pessimism surely is.
  • In the spirit of the season, here are a dozen reasons to be optimistic, with links to key coverage this year.