Dealflow | August 26, 2019

CARU snags €2.4 million for voice-command home sensors for seniors

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, August 26 – As Europe’s population ages, there’s a growing contingent of startups building tech solutions aiming to make it easier for people to maintain dignity and independence. The latest example? CARU, a Swiss “age tech” startup that is making voice-controlled sensors for assisted care facilities.

CARU was started by Susanne Dröscher in 2017 with a mission to address “safety, autonomy, and social inclusion” for Europe’s aging society. The company’s product recently hit the market, allowing nursing staff to keep tabs on residents, and enabling residents to use voice commands to call or assistance or set alarms and reminders.

Europe’s AAL innovation program, which funds digital products and services designed for the elderly, backed the startup with €2.4 million ($2.7 million). The funding will support development of CARU’s product for independent residences in collaboration with a host of European academic and private sector partners.

Last month, Germany’s Seniovo raised a €2 million funding round for its online platform connecting seniors to grants and services providers to make aging-friendly home renovations. Check it out.