Beats | August 2, 2021

Beyond the headlines: Here’s your summer playlist of the best of the Impact Briefing

Isaac Silk
ImpactAlpha Editor

Isaac Silk

ImpactAlpha, Aug. 2 – Today’s news used to be tomorrow’s fish wrap. The weekly conversations with hosts Monique Aiken and Brian Walsh on ImpactAlpha’s “Impact Briefing” podcast remain fresh long after they air. 

We’ve cut straight to the chase (skipping the headlines) and queued up seven of the best discussions of the year so far, on topics from racial justice to shareholder democracy to African entrepreneurship. Take the ImpactAlpha team and our special guests in the car, the subway, the beach or wherever you listen. 

  • Big Oil’s Big Reckoning. Amy Cortese and David Bank join Brian to dive into Engine No. 1 and the big shakeup on Exxon’s board.
  • The Curb-Cut Effect.” PolicyLink‘s Michael McAfee joins Monique to explore a key strategy for closing the racial wealth gap. 
  • Corporate Board Diversity and ESG. NYU’s Tensie Whalen talks with Brian about how board leadership on environmental and social issues – or the lack of it – materially affects corporate performance.
  • African Impact tech. Jessica Pothering and Monique recap our reporting on African tech entrepreneurs who are stepping up to the continent’s challenges.

Every Friday, the Impact Briefing podcast brings you what you need to know from the week in impact investing, along with insightful analysis and conversation – all in under 20 minutes. 

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