Six sources of ‘gender alpha’ and other takeaways from Agents of Impact Call No. 5 (audio)

  • There's not just one advantage of looking at investments through a gender lens. At the outset of ImpactAlpha's Agents of Impact conference call last month, Catalyst at Large Suzanne Biegel ticked off a half-dozen or more.

New trustbusters aren’t waiting for government to democratize the economy

  • These new trustbusters are not waiting for government antitrust enforcement, which has largely languished in recent years.
  • Rather, they are building companies that can prosper – and repay investors – without being acquired by one of the small handful of giants in each industry.

What we know about Turner Impact Capital’s school, housing and health funds

  • Bobby Turner has teamed up with tennis star Andre Agassi on two Turner-Agassi charter school funds that have raised more than a half-billion dollars and have built 87 schools serving 45,000 students.
  • He has also enlisted actress Eva Longoria and basketball star Chris Paul as “ambassadors” (as well as investors) in two Turner Multifamily Impact Funds that acquire and preserve urban rental housing for families earning less than an area’s median income.

Opportunity Zone experiments in reviving economic mobility: Q&A with Raj Shah

  • The zones are “the biggest experiment today in the American tackle what I think is the biggest challenge in the American economy, which is the lack of opportunity that so many American households suffer through," says Shah.

SOCAP’s Best-Dressed look back from 2030: What changed the world?

  • SOCAP's “Best Dressed” is back. Impact is in fashion, and ImpactAlpha contributor Maura Dilly and photographer Kelly Pendergrast prowled Ft. Mason to capture the looks of SOCAP18. They asked SOCAP’s best-dressed to look back from 2030 and say what changed the world for the better.