Deals lag hype in ‘Blockchain for Good’ investments

  • Hype-cycle... For all the promise of blockchain-enabled technologies to solve a variety of global challenges, “blockchain for good” ventures have been slow to emerge.
  • The latest signal... Consensys' $50 million in-house venture fund is scaling back the social impact-focus of the fund.
  • Market development... If interest in blockchain-for-good is indeed ebbing, that just might mean it’s an opportunity to buy in.

Philadelphia Story: Good Capital Project, ImpactPHL and ImpactAlpha team up at Total Impact

There’s a reason ImpactAlpha has been publishing so many stories on Philadelphia, even beyond the fact that our own Dennis Price and his family moved back last year. We’ve been tracking locally-driven economic revival across the U.S.; Philly is testing approaches also taking hold elsewhere. Can local institutions and impact investors effectively direct capital to entrepreneurs and other agents of

Rise Fund’s Impact Multiple of Money: A conversation with TPG’s Bill McGlashan

  • Largest impact investment fund... TPG Growth's Rise Fund quickly raised $2 billion from a Who’s Who of global billionaires and institutional investors, making it the largest impact investment fund to date.
  • On-stage conversation...Bill McGlashan, Rise Fund founder and CEO, sat down with ImpactAlpha's David Bank at an event hosted by the Commonwealth Club in Mill Valley, California.

Next-gen leaders of finance step up to the sustainable investing challenge

  • Kellogg - Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge and MIINT winners... key on climate adaptation and resilience, a major finance theme in coming decades.
  • No longer a fad... impact investing is a smart career move for the next generation of grads.
  • Workforce advantage... Impact focus and solution-orientation makes these MBA grads more desirable employees.

Philadelphia’s poised for another championship: Civic revival and inclusive prosperity

Bain Double Impact calls a trend: sustainable meals

  • Big secular trend... Bain Capital Double Impact believes it is at the forefront of an impactful trend.
  • Hungry for sustainable food... The impact fund has made two investments in the past week in healthy, sustainable restaurant ventures.
  • Displacing unsustainable... As part of its impact management process, Bain tracks  "unsustainable meals displaced"...

SoftBank, Salesforce and Orange signal corporate venture capital’s tilt towards impact investing

  • Rise of corporate venture capital... investing hit all-time high last year.
  • Growth sectors... A growing number of corporates are turning to impact investing for growth and innovation opportunities.
  • Unintended consequences... Some strategic investments can have unintended consequences...