Conservation | April 16, 2018

BioCarbon Engineering raises $2.5 million to plant trees with drones

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ImpactAlpha, April 16 – Efforts to restore degraded land and forests fall short by about six billion trees every year, in spite of $50 billion in spending. UK-based BioCarbon Engineering says 10 of its drones can plant 400,000 trees per day, 150 times faster and as much as 10 times cheaper than traditional tree-planting approaches.

  • Rapid fire… BioCarbon Engineering relies on drone- and satellite-data to identify locations in need of replanting. “The planting drones fire a biodegradable seedpod into the ground with pressurized air at each predetermined position at 120 seedpods per minute,” according to a company statement.
  • A greener picture… BioCarbon Engineering’s technology can change landscape management, says Morten Rosse of SYSTEMIQ, which co-led BioCarbon’s seed round with Parrott, a European drone group.

BioCarbon Engineering has undertaken nine projects since 2009, in the UK, Australia, Myanmar, New Zealand, South Africa and Morocco.